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It's One Of Those Days
Rain Or Shine
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8th-Oct-2009 10:37 am - Lonely
Astral Fairy
Feeling somewhat lonely today. I hope it's not too very long before this feels "right" out here in CA. Just hard to get used to when the hills don't look right, the air doesn't smell right, and there are no rivers or woods to get lost in. :-(
25th-Nov-2008 05:07 pm - A DAY OFF!
Astral Fairy
I'm so happy. I finally have three days to just chill out at home. After 7 days in a row at Goodwill, I'm ready to relax by playing way too damn much of World Of Warcraft. Though today, it was down for it's regular 6 hour long maintenance in the morning. So I went and aired up my tires on my car, had lunch with my wonderful DH at the hospital, stopped by the store to see how my idea to improve textiles production was working (yes I went to work on my day off STOP LAUGHING), and put up our christmas tree when I got home. I also got D his Christmas gift on the way home. By the time I was done decorationg the tree, the game was back online, so I hopped on to do some questing and chatted with Gags for an hour or so.

Anyhoo, got to go walk the dog with D now.
12th-Nov-2008 08:36 am - Back On Track
Rain Fairy
Okay! I went and bought myself a new planner to work with. I'm hoping that having it around and learning to put my WW stuff in it as well as other stuff going on in my life will help out a lot. Last time I tried a planner, it didn't really work out as I forgot to use it and didn't really have anything going on that required me to write down and remember so much. Now...things have changed. I keep using my regular journal for writing down what I want to make for dinner and I know that in future years when I read it and see just a bunch of recipes in my journal that I'm going to be mad that all I know of what what happening at that time was what I was eating...O-O! "Barack Obama won the election. We're having Apple Turkey burgers tonight"! Uh...
The planner should also come in handy for recording down my points each day for WW. I'm going to see if I keep a tally sheet in there for day by day keeping track. As well as what I'm doing for exercise.

Bad news though, Drifter has fleas. So we're fighting an epic bug battle atm with trying to get rid of them. Which reminds me *pulls out planner* "buy more baking soda". I think D is gonna order something from online too called Revolution that is supposed to guard against fleas. K & JJ told us that they use it on their dog Rosie. Seems to work well. I just want this taken care of quickly so Drifter doesn't infect the other dogs he plays with.

By the way, for anybody out there who uses the Saving Dinner book, Crock Lentil Stew is really good to come home to after working a closing at work. NO COOKING required when you get home because you did it all in the morning when you had energy. WOOT! Goes well with a 2point glass of wine too. :-)

Love y'all!
25th-Mar-2008 12:28 pm - Starting At Noon
Astral Fairy
I started the day as I have far too often without a job. Sleeping in, being lazy, not feeling like doing anything, and not working up the enthusiasm to get anything done. It's amazing that our apartment isn't more cluttered. I got up, and changed into my black sweat pants (still slightly smeely from not washing them since last night's zumba/yoga classes), and a loose but cute shirt. I took the dog for his walk after watching my favorite dog training show on Animal Planet. We walked through the woods while I daydreamed away about fantasy things like being able to fly, being a great huntress (that I also pretend to be in playing W.O.W), and the like.
When we got back, I tried to sit down and work on my GED homework. But I only got 15 minutes done before I was almost falling asleep. So I got up and went to my computer, and started to download the new 2.4 patch for WoW, and serf the net while it downloaded. In doing so, I checked my email, where I came across the Flylady emails which I subscribed to again yesterday. I took note of the reminders then filed them away. Then I read the testimonials. I could feel myself getting motivated in just the five minutes that I took to read them. Then I read the mission for the day, and thought to myself "Okay! I'll get that done later." Then I read the email on WHAT'S WRONG WITH NOW? Which pretty much was saying that even if it's 2pm, and you have not started your day, start it now with your morning routine. That did it! I went back to my our bedroom, and changed out of my sweatpants (now in the dirty laundry hamper instead of the floor), and even my shirt (I felt I needed to change everything but my underwear to start a new day), and put on jeans and my favorite comfy yet good working shirt, plus put on socks and shoes which I never do. I then faced the mirror (something I hate doing), and actually watched myself as I put up my hair, gaining the motivation I needed to do my stretches/dance practice to help with losing those far too noticeable rolls on my sides. I even put on perfume *gasp*. I then made the bed, cleaned a hotspot, and did the daily Flylady mission. I feel good, and I was amazed by how much I got done in my 15 minutes. Drifter watched me the whole time with curiosity as he watched me actually clean stuff in an energetic manner. Now I just need to get a timer to help me keep track. My last one got lost in the move.
Anyway, I'm past my 15 break time which I was using to write this. Time to go sit down for a half hour and work on homework before I get another 5 minute break. And I some point I need to go and take 15 minutes to show those dishes who's boss in this apartment.

Woot! I feel good right now! :-D
17th-Mar-2008 04:13 pm - Stuff
Astral Fairy
Just grabbed another sweep of apps today. Going to turn them in tomorrow and Wednesday. I hope I can find something soon. It would be nice to get back to work. if nothing else, I'd love to find a steady job (nothing spectacular) that I can depend on to help our income, and have on the side while I attempt to pursue getting my GED and finding a vet tech course to take.

The trip to Chicago was fun. Except for one of my random bouts of moodiness which bugged everyone. I really wish I could find something to make my emotions less volatile when I'm disliking something.

I have Zumba/yoga in awhile. I can't wait! It leaves me dead tired afterward. But it's still a lot of fun. Feels good to be exhausted after a workout. I just hope I hurt a lot less tomorrow morning then I did last week on the morning after.
15th-Mar-2008 09:05 am - A Moment To Type
Astral Fairy
Found myself with a moment of nothing to do, so I thought I would type a quick entry.

Don and I are at K&JJ's place right now. I think Kim is still walking Rosie, and the boys are still asleep. I'm so glad to see Don sleeping in. He's been fighting a head cold the last four days. It's almost like part 2 of the illness that we got a couple weeks ago. I just wonder how long before I end up getting it too since in general, Don tends to be far healthier than I do.

I'm having fun with the GED course I'm taking at the moment. There are actually a few people I enjoy talking/listening to. As well as of course the slouch gang who walk in an hour after class starts and then proceeds to walk back out of the room 15 minutes (if that) later on "break", which lasts until half hour before class officially ends. Beyond that, I don't know if they stay since I both get to and leave class a half hour early. I still get the same amount of time recorded being there. And perhaps more work done since I just work on my whatever I'm focusing on before anyone else is there. And the end of class is a lot more distracting. But leaving that half hour early gets me home close enough to raid time generally that I can get in to KZ on game.

Don and I are still playing World of Warcraft. I actually have four level 70 characters now. Including a tank and healer both on horde side. And almost epicced on them. Almost...

Anyway gotta go. Kim just came back so I think I'll go and talk to her.
5th-Mar-2008 04:47 pm - Weather
Astral Fairy
More rain, more ice, more snow! Too much! I can't wait until we get back in the 60's again outside. I'm dying to open up the apartment and let the breeze come through. The thawing would be a lot less annoying too if we could get one last one instead of the constant thaw/freeze we've been getting of late. If nothing else, I hate not being able to take the dog on the trail for his walks. At least out there, I can have him off leash so he can run. My other options are taking him behind the tennis courts and slinging the ball for him (or frisbee), or just walking around the complex on lead(not fun). It's going to be nice to get out to the farm this weekend for Dad's B-day. And of course taking Drifter with us.
22nd-Jan-2008 11:00 am - Whats New
Astral Fairy
I'm back! (again)

Yeah yeah I know it's been awhile. I just thought I would put up an entry and hope I can remember to do the same tomorrow. :-) Yes I know I always say that I'm planning on coming back to regular writing. And it never happens. I'm just starting to realize that outside of W.O.W., I pretty much have no social life. I figured coming back to LJ would be a good start for old friends. But I also need to find something off the computer to help. I know Ballroom class has helped a lot. And Belly dancing is already turning out to be a blast. But I would love to find something as well that I can share with D. I feel somehow bad since I know he feels the repressed social life as well. Though he admits it was worse before Kev made him come to dance class (where we met). Still, now we're not even in contact with Kev & Liz since they don't come to dance class anymore. Any suggestions? Maybe try and find a gaming club or something along those lines since he and I are both into board games so much.

I can't wait till this weekend. We're going out to CA to visit family. K &JJ are going out too. JJ has a conference so we'll only see him the last two days we're there. But K will be coming for the last half of the week. I can't wait to go see San Fransisco again. I swear that no city aside from maybe Rome has ever seemed so beautiful. I loved it there when we went last year. That was when I got to meet D's parents for the first time. In fact, the day we're coming home (Feb 2) is the one year anniversary of getting engaged. Yes I know! And Yes we were really engaged on Groundhog Day. :-P

Okay I'm off! Gotta go hit the gym so I can gain some energy for the rest of the day since I'm starting to fall asleep.
28th-Oct-2007 01:22 pm - Job Bi***ing
Astral Fairy
Is it sad that in less than a week, I already hate my job with a passion? That I dread each day's start, and end each day depressed? The people are fine to work with, the store has a pleasant feel to it, the managers are great, but...I hate it. I hate the hours, I hate the register, and I mainly just really miss the locker where I used to work. I don't dare quit though since it's REALLY hard to get another job until I get my GED, (which needless to say has become a LOT more important in the face of this job). And my pride won't let me quit either since it would be awful to have a job on an application that I didn't even last a month with. And maybe I'm just being a whiny brat. I know that retail requires funky hours and all that. But I can't believe that my first day off since I started Thursday will be next Saturday (which I signed off for the party at my parents). It would have been Monday except that there is a giant truck order coming in Monday, and I (like the complete fool and moron I am) volunteered to help out a few hours in the morning before opening. So I'm going in Monday morning from 5-9am. I think that was before I realized that people only get one day off a week though. :-( This better get better soon, because I'm not sure how long I want to live in a style where being happy is a rare thing to be seen.

Well, gotta go! My shift starts in 20 minutes. I guess I'll be back to whine in a couple of days :-(.
Rain Fairy
You know, I think I need to face the facts that I just can't bring myself to post very often in this journal. Heh, I have a hard enough time writing in my real journal let alone an online blog.

Yesterday was rather amusing. I went to the bank and a couple stores, then came home where Don just got back to from work. I promptly asked him if he's seen the other side of my brain because I was sure I left it here at the apartment. Since I went to the bank and forgot the checks I was going to deposit, went to Target and forgot the wedding gift card I was going to use to buy a new knife block and set and a couple other new things for the apartment, forgot my grocery list for Marsh and had to remember off the top of my head, and lastly, forgot to get milk from Marsh though I had it on my mind half the time I was in there. I have no idea how I could forget so much in the space of an hour and a half. :)

Still playing Warcraft every night. Almost got my second toon up to the maximum level in the game. And for anybody reading this who plays....Druids rock! And for all of my family who are rolling they're eyes right now, don't knock it till you try it. :-) I know you don't believe me when I say it's a social life of itself, but with thousands of players online and interacting with each other, forming teams to acomplish mutual goals, how can you not build a ring of friends online?

Okay I gotta go. The tea kettle is whistling for me to turn it off.

By the way sis, remind me next time I visit to bring you some of my mint tea. It's really good!

(And to anybody who reads this, yes I like to make a subject line that has all my subjects in it to make a strange heading) :-D
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